OUR Mission

Just Grind® began with one mission in mind; to make a massive impact in the world and fuel ambitious and health-conscious individuals with the energy and support they need to excel and perform at their best.

By nature, they are daring, bold, unrelenting, competitive, and unapologetically driven; and can easily be found dominating in various arenas such as entrepreneurship, sports, music, and entertainment just to name a few.

The road to success involves immense pressure, causing most people to fold. For this reason, we believe that success belongs to those who can persist. If that’s you, we’re here to keep you energized and performing at your best along the way.

Just Grind — Fuel Your Journey!

Rio McNeal

Founder | CEO at Just Grind®


Rio is the CEO & Founder of Just Grind®. He is an out of the box thinker, entrepreneur, and dreamer who loves to bring his imagination to life.

Just Grind® was founded in 2023 by Rio, who saw a need to add value to those driven individuals who are in pursuit of the best version of themselves.

Favorite Quote: "In great attempts, even failure is glorious."


In early 2023, Just Grind® was born out of a profound vision and a deep personal struggle faced by our company's founder. This struggle related to low levels of energy and focus throughout the day which immensely compromised his performance and productivity at the onset of his entrepreneurial journey. As he puts it,

If your energy is not in order, you are not situated best to handle the really hard things when they present themselves.” 

By putting quality and innovation at the forefront of everything we do, Just Grind® develops products that fuel your mind and body, allowing you to experience what optimal performance feels like. 


Our team at Just Grind® is dedicated to providing innovative health and well-being products, sourcing high-quality ingredients globally, and collaborating with trusted manufacturers to deliver exceptional offerings that help you perform at your best.


Our roasting and shipping processes are optimized to ensure all our coffees are delivered as fresh as possible. To ensure quality and freshness, we roast to order in small batches (70 kilos max) and ship to you directly.


At Just Grind®, we aim to make a global impact with you by our side. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible while providing an exciting array of top-tier products worthy of enjoyment.

Just Grind® is more than just a brand — our products are an extension of what you hold true, a statement being made, and a lifestyle being lived.

Join our community as we take Just Grind® worldwide.